LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black
LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black

LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black

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Dress your feet in something special - the LONDON Bio Leather Black/Black sneakers.

Look good and do good with these Portuguese-made shoes - made from biodegradable premium sustainability-focused leather.

Never be "sole" searching again - get your paws on these shoes now!

VIBAe LONDON is our first sneaker made from metal free bio-degradable leather. Inspired by streetwear culture, the London addresses environmental issues while maintaining the VIBAe “most comfortable shoes” approach you have come to know from our product offering.

Fitted with our Carbon Step™ Footbed technology, our new minimalist sneaker outsole is made from natural rubber and a solid outsole stitch.

These are the ultimate comfy, wear everywhere sneaker that are proudly handmade in a family run factory in Portugal.

UPPER: Black tanned bio leather from Portugal

SOLE: Black coloured natural Rubber, a sustainable resource from trees

CARBON STEP™ FOOTBED: Antimicrobial molded Polyurethane open cell foam with an organic suede sockliner cover

By purchasing this product, you support responsible leather manufacturing through the Leather Working Group (LWG). We only use skins and hides, which are by-products of the food industry.

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"Our mission at VIBAe is to take care of your everyday well-being and it all starts with your feet. Your feet are the natural foundation of your body and when they feel good, the rest of your body feels good too."


Carbon Step™ footbed

The soul of VIBAe footwear is the removable Carbon Step™ insole. The contoured 11/14/7 formula (11 mm of heel cushion, 14 mm of arch support, and 7 mm in the forefoot) provides the ultimate comfort and will naturally compress to follow your foot profile into a neutral position.

The open cell structure of the polyurethane composition retains the bouncy feeling and helps to prevent bacterial growth to combat foot odor. The cork shank works as a thermal insulator and provides structure and protection to the underside of the insole for longevity.

With Carbon Step™, you take comfortable steps towards a healthy and sustainable future.

Frequently asked questions

We are not barefoot in traditional terms speaking as we have an extremely comfortable Carbon Step footbed inside. We are zero drop as the footbed compresses with your body weight to level the toes and the heel, we do have thin soles (only 3 mm), we are light and flexible, and we have a wide toebox.

VIBAe fits into the minimalist footwear arena because we use high quality materials that do not need all the extra backings needed to make a pair of shoes. This makes them feel very soft like a glove around your feet. We are FEEL GOOD shoes!

Our Carbon Step footbed is built on 11/14/7 formula which means that there's an arch support of 3 mm and the toes are 4 mm lower than the heel. After using a pair for a while, the footbed adapts to your own foot and will naturally compress to follow your foot profile, giving the foot a neutral position.