ONAR X VIBAe – The magic of luxury and comfort intertwined

We´re thrilled... and thinking of adding some PINK into our wardrobes! ONAR is another Finnish company making waves internationally, and we've teamed up to craft these dreamy, fluffy delights for your feet!

This collab is a matchless hybrid of both brands’ unique features: ONAR’s luxurious shearling and VIBAe’s distinctive, ergonomic footbed and minimalistic design. The style is based on our favorite ROMA slipper, meant for both indoor and outdoor use.

The words chic and ultra-comfort define the new coveted ONAR X VIBAe collaboration. A fluffy slip-on shoe, meant for all seasons and reasons: wear it indoors for luxury leisure or outdoors for soft comfort. 

"Fuzzed-up accessories are the statement du jour, and as soft shearling touches and fluffy, powderpuff finishes have permeated past seasons, now it seems Finnish label ONAR is fashion's new favourite leading the charge."

Founded in 2014 by Irene Kostas, ONAR redefines the possibilities of ecological leatherwork. With a wide-eyed dedication to innovation and a defiant disobedience of their artisanal heritage, ONAR stimulates your senses and sensibilities.

ONAR uses only premium shearling that is a byproduct of food and would otherwise go to waste. All shearlings are of traceable European origin (Britain, Italy, Iceland, Spain and Greece) and ONAR clothes are handmade in the designer's homelands Greece and Finland. ONAR follows a strictly zero-waste policy. The tanneries belong to Leather Working Group that controls sustainable practices among the leather industry.
You can now pre-order the styles exclusively on ONAR’s website and at the ONAR Helsinki Showroom. Irene told us that the first pair was sold to Texas, and they're selling like hotcakes, so get yours now! The shoes will be delivered to you in June.
We'll also be offering a limited quantity of the shoes for sale at both our Helsinki and Malibu stores around the end of June.

We absolutely love partnering up with like-minded companies and remarkable individuals like Irene. We're completely smitten with these shoes, are you? Which color would you choose for yourself?