VIBAe wins at Digital Commerce and Fashion Finland Awards

Finnish people are famously modest, with a collection of sayings that reflect our tendency to downplay... just about everything!

Phrases like 'Ei tehdä tästä nyt numeroa' ('Let's not make a fuss about this...') and 'No tää nyt on vaan tämmönen...' ('This is nothing special...') are deeply ingrained in our culture. Even 'Mitähän ne meistä ajattelee?' ('I wonder what they think of us?') reveals our inclination towards self-deprecation.

However, there's also a contrary saying in Finland: 'Kukas sen kissan hännän nostaa, ellei kissa itse.' Translated as 'Who will lift the cat's tail if not the cat itself,' it suggests that one must take pride in and advocate for oneself, because no one else will do it for you.

So here we are, tooting our own horn, blowing our own trumpet, singing our own praises...whilst also blushing a bit. 



Digital Commerce Finland hosted a gala here in Finland and highlighted the industry’s talents and companies. VIBAe was nominated for Growth Company of the Year and for International Growth, and we won International Growth!!! We got a golden thumbs up- statue, which we absolutely love!

"The company has boldly and successfully sought customers from around the world instead of just from the local area, and it has done so effectively and with style."



Fashion Finland hosted another award gala (What to wear, what to wear...) and we were nominated for Innovation x Collaboration with ONAR and for Scaling and we won Scaling!!!


We'd like to say it's no big deal, but in reality, these are significant achievements, especially considering the formidable competition, including household names like Marimekko!


Thank you so much for these recognitions of our hard work!