We are a family and friends company, driven by unwavering principles of sustainability and a deep reverence for timeless traditions and uncompromising quality.

All our shoes are made in a family-run factory in Portugal, with the current CEO in his seventies still working the machines. We love it!

The idea of VIBAe was born in a camper van trip across Finland (read the whole story here.) We hiked the tallest mountain, Saana, amidst a snow blizzard.

When we created our HELSINKI Chelsea boot, we knew we had to pair them with awesome and durable woollen socks. We contacted a Woollen Sock Factory in Helsinki, and we had the name for the line of socks they would make for VIBAe: SAANA, naturally!

Our SAANA Woollen socks are are made with knitting machines from the 1930s. Vintage vibes, anyone? We love it!
But above all, we love how they feel together, wearing the Helsinki boots with the Saana socks. They don´t look bad together, either, what do you think?

Would you dare to wear a mismatched pair with your HELSINKI boots?

VIBAe shoes should feel snug at first and there is no need to leave extra free space at the end, but if you are a woollen sock lover, maybe leave a little room for them. 

The easiest way to put your VIBAe shoe into your feet is against the floor, push your foot all the way to the end, and only then bring up the heel. Once you start wearing the VIBAe shoe they will stretch about half a size and the more you wear them the better they get - that´s a promise!