A journey that starts with a cold splash in Finland!

In September 2019, a friendship of 4 set out to create something special, a footwear brand that resonates with their personal agenda: Ecological, Ergonomic, and Happy Vibes.

Minna and Kalle are from Helsinki, Finland, “Home of the happiest people in the world!” as per the 2019 Happiness Report! Along with Tammy and Ludo from Malibu they travelled to Portugal to build their brand. Their 10 year working relationship in the footwear industry led them to this place where they could realize their dream.

They brainstormed in Portugal and then celebrated by setting out on a camper trip across Finland, hiking the tallest mountain, Saana [a tall hill] in the midst of a snow blizzard, mountaineering glaciers that border Norway, rowing boats into Sweden [with a bottle of local Salmiakki] and discovering the many rural riverside saunas along the way, and always followed by an icy cold river dip. Upon their return to Minna and Kalle’s seaside cabin by Helsinki, it was clear, a new brand was born,

… VIBAe FCKNeverything! everything ergonomic, everything ecological, a brand with happy vibes :)

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