Trying to get the message across - marketing is a must!

Raise your hand if you stumbled upon our site after seeing our ads on social media! Social media can be a love-hate relationship, right? But as entrepreneurs, we've gotta embrace it—it's the best way to spread the word about our products!

While social media connects us with wonderful customers like you, it also opens doors to some less savory characters...

Guess what these are?

Yep, you guessed right. Just like many other companies with awesome products, we too have had our share of run-ins with scammers during our formative years. They used our product images to sell... well, we're not even sure what to call those things in the picture. Consequently, we then got bombarded with disgruntled comments on social media, accusing US of being scammers and warning others not to buy from us. Not exactly a fun time for any company.

That's why we were beyond grateful when you started sending us links to different sites that were using our photos with different brand names. It took our tech genius Hannu a lot of detective work to track them down, and shut them down.

We can't thank you enough for having our backs from the start and we're happy to say these issues are a thing of the past. Phew!
We're still very hands-on with Instagram and we try to answer your comments as often as we can. Minna takes care of our @vibaeofficial account, while Tammy and Ludo handle updates for @vibaemalibu. You'll often see Agustin over at @vibaebarcelona - he's a big fan of doing stories. The Helsinki, Tokyo, and Sydney accounts are also managed by our team of friends and family here at VIBAe.

We also send you an email from us founders every 2nd and 22nd of the month, if you subscribe to our newsletter.  

When it comes to the larger and more intricate Meta ads and email marketing, we've made a smart move by entrusting the entire process to the professionals in London.
We had the pleasure of finally meeting the fantastic team from Penang Media right here in Helsinki, Finland. It was wonderful to finally meet them IN PERSON, after so many Zoom calls! We just had to ask them a few questions about social media as they sat on our couch.

So, how does it feel to stand behind a product and make it known to everyone via social media, creating success for others?

It's very rewarding to see the fruits of our labour benefit our customers, we love to see their happy faces. Your success is our success and we really do feel like part of the team.

The success is also a huge testament to the products, the products do a lot of the heavy lifting. Our work is really amplifying what already exists. If it's a bad product, it doesn´t matter how much you market it, it´s still not going to work.

What we're doing with the advertising is almost like the first step. The momentum builds as people share their positive experiences online, spreading the word to their friends. Each person can reach ten more, setting off a chain reaction of positivity.

What keeps you excited about marketing and social media?

We love working with smaller companies, where we get to have personal relationships with the owners. We view it as not just marketing, but it´s business, as a whole. We have to be very aligned in understanding how everything works inside the company, so we can do our best and meet in the right place.

Doing marketing every day, you begin to see everything through a lens. Social media can be a prison or a source of inspiration. We aim to tilt the scale toward inspiration. We´re always switched on, learning about what works and what doesn't. It´s human psychology. Platforms come and go, but people don't change. Like, why am I suddenly five minutes deep in this cat video?!

If you´re not a cat, how do you get people´s attention on social media?

Everyone's trying to get attention, but merely competing with the noise is an uphill battle. First, you need to find your angle, something that sets you apart. Then, focus on selling the transformation. Take VIBAe shoes, for example—they'll pamper your feet, making you feel weightless and free from any discomfort. It's about showcasing the value proposition and how it enhances the customer's life. Easy to do with VIBAe shoes!

Eddie, Lucia and Nico continued up north from Helsinki, since snow and reindeers we´re on their to-see-list. Even though it was snowing in Helsinki, reindeers on the streets... not so much! 😊