Sustainable Criteria

Sustainable Criteria

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A happy planet starts with the choices you make. That’s why we chose natural rubber from the trees and linen that requires 30% less water to grow than cotton.

Carbon Step™ Footbed
Taking comfortable steps toward a sustainable future with the Carbon Step™ footbed. The contoured 11/14/7 formula (11 mm of heel cushion, 14 mm of arch support and 7 mm in the forefoot) provides the ultimate comfort and will naturally compress to follow your foot profile into a neutral position. The open cell structure of the polyurethane composition retains the bouncy feeling and prevents bacterial growth to combat foot odor.

The cork shank provides structure and protection to the underside of the footbed for longevity.

Vintage Linen Upper
Linen is a highly breathable and durable natural fiber derived from the flax plant. The fibers are approximately 30% stronger than cotton and require considerably less water to grow than its counterpart. The linen wears in gracefully over time as the natural fibres relax.

Natural Rubber Outsole
Natural Rubber is a sustainable resource that is harvested in the form of latex from the rubber tree. The milky fluid is collected in vessels by making incisions in the bark and refined into the natural rubber.

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