Sydney here we come & Down Under with Crispin Blackall

VIBAe loves Australia! 

We are happy to announce, that there will be an online store opening in Sydney, Australia, very soon!

It's a homecoming of sorts for us! One of our founders, Tammy, is originally from Australia, and she and her husband, VIBAe shoe designer Ludo lived there for a long time. The couple now reside and manage the VIBAe store in Malibu. Tammy and Ludo's son, Lenny has moved to Australia for this venture and is in charge of operations in Australia.
We're so excited about this new opportunity!

Australia holds a special place in our hearts as it consistently ranks among the top five countries from which we receive orders. With this new venture, we are dedicated to ensuring that our Aussie customers receive their orders even more swiftly, as they will now be shipped directly from Australia instead of Finland.

We’ve been so into the Aussie vibes, it was a pleasant surprise, when we got an email from Crispin Blackall, founder of the Almanak online magazine. Australian based Crispin had a fun story to share. His sister Sophie lives in New York and when the siblings met at their mum’s house, they were surprised to see they both were wearing VIBAe shoes!

Crispin told us he has around six pairs of VIBAe shoes, so naturally, he got curious seeing his sister from the other side of the world wearing the same brand. Who were the people behind VIBAe? This curious mind is what drives Crispin. He reached out to interview us, and in turn, we asked Crispin a few questions too. Who is Crispy behind Almanak?

“I’ve always been that person who wants to share. I see something I love, and I want to tell everyone. But I want to tell the whole story, and behind everything, there are people,” Crispin explains.

He says he LOVES creatives, especially creatives who are breaking new ground on a global scale. His passion is to dig deep, to find out what drives these creatives and then he wants to share this information with others to inspire and to inform.

Crispin started his career in publishing in magazines in the 1980s. “I didn’t lose too much money”, he says with a huge grin on his face, and you get the feeling that this is a man who takes life by its horns and runs with it.

Almanak was born at the end of 2022 when he decided this was a great time to make a digital magazine that people would really enjoy reading. Quality over clicks, no irrelevant and annoying advertising. Inspiring, positive and without bias.

“If your hobby is your job, you love working!” says Crispin, wishing many more people could find their passion and pursue it! 

Check out ALMANAK magazine and Crispin’s article about VIBAe HERE

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