Green Partnership for Eco-Friendly E-commerce Expansion

Our startup didn't begin with the usual "packing shoes in our garage"-story, we started with prior knowledge in the shoe business and a firm belief in our product. As our sales grew, so did the need for a larger and more efficient operation. It's incredible to think that our shoes are shipped from Finland to over a 150 countries!

Naturally, we encountered some hiccups during the transition from our old warehouse to the new one, resulting in shipping delays for which we sincerely apologize.

But now, after the hard work and adjustments, everything is running smoothly!

****DRUM ROLL***

We, the founders of VIBAe, are thrilled to announce our partnership with Axla Logistics, a subsidiary of Åland Post, as we embark on our journey of sustainable expansion.

This partnership marks a significant milestone as VIBAe joins forces with Axla to contribute to the future of eco-friendly e-commerce logistics. Sustainability was the driving force behind this collaboration, with both companies sharing a deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Expansion

Åland Post's Axla Logistics is expanding sustainably with a new 6,000 square meter property in Tuusula's Sula Industrial Area. Prioritizing environmental responsibility, the project adheres to high sustainability standards from design to construction. 

Automated Efficiency

At the heart of the new logistics center is the AutoStore™ automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) from Element Logic Oy. This technology streamlines operations, offering flexibility and efficiency. Antti Lumme, overseeing Element Logic's operations in Finland, highlights its sustainable benefits alongside enhanced productivity. Axla Logistics' investment in this advanced system marks a significant step towards greener and more efficient e-commerce logistics in Finland.


By prioritizing sustainability and efficiency, Axla Logistics' collaboration with VIBAe brings several benefits to you, our valued customer.

Environmentally Friendly Services

You can feel good about supporting a business that prioritizes environmental responsibility. Axla Logistics' commitment to sustainability means reduced carbon footprint and eco-friendly practices throughout the supply chain.

Improved Service Quality

With the implementation of advanced automation technology like AutoStore™, logistics operations become more efficient and streamlined. This translates to faster order processing, accurate deliveries, and overall improved service quality.

Faster Delivery Times

The strategic location of the new logistics center near transport hubs like Helsinki-Vantaa Airport ensures quicker access to transportation networks. This means shorter delivery times, enhancing your overall shopping experience.

Scalable Solutions 

The automated storage and retrieval system allows for scalability in handling orders. As our online business grows, Axla Logistics' advanced logistics solutions can easily adapt to accommodate increasing demands, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience.

Happy to be serving you better, faster and especially greener!