Don't do what we do! 1098 days of wear...

The number one care instruction for ALL shoes is to not wear them all the time.
It's good to rotate pairs, so they can have a rest.
We know this, BUT when we find a pair of comfortable shoes that fit like a glove, so much so, that you tend to forget you're even wearing them, what do we do?
We wear them EVERY DAY.

It takes a certain amount of maturity to learn, that when you find ANYTHING that you absolutely love to wear, you get two of them.
What a clever way of marketing, you might be thinking. Are we trying to get you to buy two pairs? No, no, that's not what we're saying here. We're saying – give the shoes a rest.

We are not going anywhere anytime soon, so your favourite pair of VIBAe shoes will still be available, when the original pair has seen its best days.

But when would that be? VIBAe has been around for 3 years now, and Kalle, one of the owners has worn these ZUMA shoes pretty much every day from the start as a test of their endurance… so that'll be over a thousand days!

Here´s a new pair of Zuma's and Kalle's pair. Don't you just love that leather - it ages like George Clooney!

We´ve updated the care instructions for our shoes since we want you to enjoy your shoes as long as possible.

Sustainability is a very strong value of ours.

The care instructions for our Portuguese premium, chromium-free, vegetable tanned and super soft leather are simple.
Upon purchase, your VIBAe shoes are ready to go, enjoy them! If you want to, you can spray your shoes with a water repellent or waterproof spray - make sure to use environmentally friendly products.

Leather tends to dry with extended use. If you feel like your VIBAe leather shoes need a bit of TLC, treat them with our 100% Organic Protective Cream, or any shoe cream made for leather, and then use water repellent or waterproof spray again.

NOTE: Beeswax products and prolonged exposure to sunlight can both darken leather. If you desire a slightly darker shade for your leather shoes, applying beeswax and exposing them to sunlight will achieve that. The evolving colour of leather over time contribute to its unique and charming character.

Because our shoes are breathable and the Carbon Step footbed is antibacterial, there is no need to wash the footbed, but you may gently hand wash the suede cover with soap and water. Also, you can purchase replacement insoles HERE.

Please TAKE CARE of yourself, your feet and your shoes!